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Deciding which data center to use can be confusing, given that the Tier System implemented by The Uptime Institute can be a bit confusing. That being said, there are serious differences and it is worthwhile to know which kind of center you need before choosing one. Specifically, the level of reliability you need from your data center can vary, and each tier will give you a subsequent increase in reliability.

Tier I Data Centers, according to Colocation America, are appropriate for small businesses and have 28.8 hours of downtime per year, resulting in a 99.671% Uptime rate. They are also not required to have any redundancy of systems.

When you get to a Tier IV data center system, you are looking at only 26.3 minutes of downtime per year, with features like 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure and 4 full days of protection in the event of a power outage. These centers have so many fail-safes to make sure that your data is available that you are unlikely to ever experience an outage.

In between, there are incremental degrees including Tier II and Tier III, because they have some redundancy in systems like air conditioning and some protection against power outages, but not as much as Tier IV.

The tiers are also explained by the Uptime Institute, where certification can be explored in greater detail, as meeting 4 levels of standards in general: Tier I is basic capacity, with Tier II adding redundant capacity components and Tier III making the system concurrently maintainable. The final hurdle to get to Tier IV is that the system is fault tolerant, meaning “when individual equipment failures or distribution path interruptions occur, the effects of the events are stopped short of the IT operations.”

Our multi-layered approach to security begins with the physical security of your data, and is why we deploy our cloud in Tier IV Data Centers that enforce the most stringent security policies available of any data center option. uses three Tier IV facility in Miami, FL providing geographically distributed enterprise level physical security built-in redundancy in one of the world’s most connected cities. To get a multi-layered approach to cloud computing solutions, contact us.

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