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Planning business continuity and disaster recovery has changed substantially with the Internet and the increasingly digital dependence of business processes and information.

Not long ago business continuity and disaster recovery planning focused primarily on the physical aspects of organizations, such as what to do when an earthquake or tornado hits, or how the company should respond to a large-scale fire or lengthy power outage. However, advances in information technology have change organizational operations substantially, now operating with employees disbursed throughout the globe, working via remote connections over the Internet from home offices, customer facing departments (such as sales and marketing) operating from a web site rather than a brick and mortar store front, and confidential business files stored throughout the company on workstations, laptops, mobile devices.

Virtual space and the Internet transformed business continuity and disaster recovery planning today into something much different from business continuity planning only 25 years ago.

True that file cabinets of company information, physical business artifacts (such as engineering prototypes), and physical assets such as computers, servers, and expensive network equipment must all be protected. However, the modern business continuity and disaster recovery plan must also account for potential disasters that do not impact physical assets, only virtual ones (such as company trade secrets and sensitive information stored on hard drives). Hence, today’s effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan places priority on  the availability and security of virtual/digital assets and the risks to those assets including malware attacks, denial of service attacks, unauthorized access, power outages and brown-outs that corrupt file system integrity, mishaps such as failed storage arrays, and even attacks from inside the company that compromise sensitive information through email via a “phishing” attack.

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