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Learn more about managed security solutions and protect your organization. Cross-site scripting attacks leverage poorly configured web-sites that hackers compromise then use to redirect web-site requests from the intended, genuine web-site to a rogue web-site that can steal log in credentials and install malicious software. Exploitation of cross-site scripting vulnerabilities occurs when a company employee accesses a web-site they believe trustworthy, and unbeknownst to them are then redirected to a rogue web-site designed to capture account credentials and/or other important information submitted by the victim (who believes the rogue web-site is the intended and genuine web-site).

Unfortunately, since many rogue web-sites look exactly like the genuine web sites they copy, cross-site scripting attacks are often successful and cause extensive, costly damage to victim organizations. Any company employee that accesses Internet-based accounts to manage company financial information, work with partners, or download data, software and email, may fall victim to a cross-site scripting attack and unbeknownst to them, have their company account credentials and other information stolen.

Once the attackers retrieve the stolen credentials and information from their rogue web-site, the attackers may use the captured information to access company confidential information, and potentially even the organization’s internal networks.

Countermeasures that reduce the risk of falling victim to cross-site scripting do exist, however a regularly updated layered defense approach is necessary because there is no single solution that can detect and thwart all cross-site scripting attacks.

Contact us to find out how your organization can decrease susceptibility to cross-site scripting attacks through our managed security services by deploying and maintaining cross-site scripting countermeasures on workstations, servers, and network infrastructure devices throughout the enterprise.

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