Why Quality Application Hosting Is Essential for Your Software as a Service Business

Why Quality Application Hosting Is Essential for Your Software as a Service Business

How well your software as a service (SaaS) business thrives will depend on many factors such as your ability to market effectively. However, one factor you mustn’t overlook is the physical infrastructure that makes your SaaS function online, like quality application hosting. This includes your servers and the facilities that support them. Get this wrong, and you could lose substantial business or possibly your entire business.

Unreliable application hosting, for example, may cause lost customers due to insufficient bandwidth or downtimes during critical usage periods. On the other hand, in-house servers are subject to many risks that can cause downtimes or even complete loss of important business and customer data. Keeping your servers running and physically safe from damage is a long-term effort. The longer your servers are exposed to risk (such as water damage), the more likely the unwanted outcome will eventually occur.

However, the infrastructure and services available at the data centers that provide quality application hosting, minimize these risks and give your business competitive advantages over those that lack similar data center resources. Here are two important advantages:

High Availability

All the business plans, marketing, and application design expertise in the world won’t help if your application is frequently offline. Quality application hosting services have the infrastructure needed to protect their servers from physical damage, power interruptions, and other disruptions that can take your SaaS applications offline.


In addition to protecting their servers from physical damage, application hosting providers have cyber security measures in place to prevent cyber attacks against their servers. This helps protect your customer’s sensitive data from hackers, malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. This is important because security is a primary concern among customers who rely on your SaaS applications to run their businesses.

The above are two important ways how your software as a service business can benefit from quality application hosting. For additional information or answers to your questions, contact us today.

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