Continuing Your Disaster Recovery Planning

Continuing Your Disaster Recovery Planning

So you have been disaster recovery planning, good job! You’re already more prepared than many companies when it comes to protecting your business in case of a disaster. The following 3 things will help you continue to develop your recovery plans, or refine a plan you may already have in place:

1. Business Impact Analysis

A frequently overlooked aspect of a DR plan is a business impact analysis, or BIA. This will help you determine ahead of time how your business will be impacted in case of a disaster, and how to potentially prevent negative impacts to key areas. This will also allow you to create a projection of the effects a disaster-related disruption will have on things such as productivity, security, and potential income. A BIA will also allow you to develop priorities for your disaster recovery plan.

2. Updates

Once you have a DR plan in place, do not forget to update it as need. Reasons to update a recovery plan include changes in your employees or company needs as you grow or change methods of operation. Additionally, the software and mechanics in place to help companies protect their data continues to grow and change over time, and you want to be sure you are using the most effective options possible.

3. Personnel

It is important to have a list of personnel who will be called in to work during a crisis, and to have multiple forms of contact information on file and easily accessible via hard copies in case digital records are not accessible. It is also beneficial to know which law enforcement or government officials to call in case you need their help, and to establish a dialog with them ahead of time if possible.

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