Managed Security Services: Is Your Data Physically Secure?

Managed Security Services: Is Your Data Physically Secure?

Data, especially that of your customers, is your business’s lifeblood. It’s not only valuable to you but to others such as cyber criminals and your competitors. It’s essentially informational wealth. But unlike other forms of wealth such as jewelry or precious metals, business data isn’t kept in a vault. Too many businesses keep their data behind unlocked doors for much of the day. This lack of physical security is a common oversight caused by an almost exclusive focus on cyber threats. Crime has a way of exploiting relative weaknesses or paths of least resistance, and it’s only a matter of time before a physical breach occurs.

The physical security weaknesses of business server rooms and even professional data centers come in many forms. These include:

Exterior Windows

This mistake is more common of business server rooms than of professional data centers. Glass won’t hold up to the flying debris of a violent windstorm. Once broken, the server room is exposed to the elements. The fragility of glass also makes windows a favorite point of entry for thieves.

An Open Lobby

Sometimes, the front door is the easiest way into an otherwise physically secure building. Many companies have an unlocked door leading into a lobby that’s “guarded” by a receptionist. Getting past this person is easily done with two people. One distracts the receptionist with questions, while another walks past. This is best done while the lobby is busy with people.

Poorly Locked Doors

Mechanical locks can be picked, and their keys lost or stolen. The dead bolts of some locks are easily pushed back with a knife or plastic card. Sometimes bolts don’t extend far enough, and allow the door to be kicked open.

Sheetrock Walls

If the only barrier between the server room and an adjacent room is a sheetrock wall, a person wearing heavy boots can kicked their way through the wall. A large hammer will also suffice.

Walls That Don’t Connect With the True Ceiling

Very large rooms are often converted into smaller rooms using multiple interior walls that don’t connect with the ceiling. Drop ceilings are then used for the smaller rooms. A person can remove a drop ceiling tile and climb over the wall and into an adjacent server room.

Converting a typical office space into a physically secure data center is difficult if not impossible. When considering the services of a data center, thorough security due diligence is required. uses physically secure Tier IV data centers. Contact us with your questions about our managed security services.

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