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Due to the trend of virtualization, companies are reluctant to change their hardware every five years. They see in software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings an alternative. In the past security concerns were the biggest roadblock in the mainstream implementation of cloud services.

Tim Prendergast, CEO of, states that today it is widely recognized that security in cloud services is strong.  Scott Chasin, CEO of ProtectWise, adds that security will become a utility because of the cloud. Cloud security in 2017 offer advantages in the area of security through features like storage options, scalability and ease of deployment. Due to the use of equivalent technology, the cloud also allows small companies to compete with large businesses.

Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) is growing quickly among companies in need of security. RightScale’s 2016 State of the Cloud report says that close to three-quarters of small-to-midsize businesses run at least one application in major sources of cloud data. As a response to this, criminal hackers see IaaS platforms as a target for their malware and attack networks. Some worry that dependency on cloud providers can hurt businesses in the long run.

Stan Black, CSO at Citrix, believes that companies that offer cloud data and access management will be continuously under attack. There are other people like Glenn Weinstein, senior vice president of global services and CISO at Appirio, that think that cloud migration is a strategy of risk mitigation for many companies.

Instead of investing in systems for network defense, companies delegate these responsibilities to cloud providers. Weinstein states that CISO will reduce security risks by gradually eliminating storage responsibilities of desktops and laptops. Laptop vendors will follow the Chromebook model of using short-term storage for the user-writeable portion of the hard drive.

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What makes a good cloud strategy and why is it important for your business? As more and more businesses make the move from IT infrastructures to cloud services, it is important to formulate a strategy so that you can best know how to utilize your cloud for maximum efficiency. The following are some ways that we help you develop the best cloud strategy for your business.

We will help you understand the technology

With all the different cloud platforms available, it can be overwhelming as you try to understand it all. That is where we can help you seek to develop your cloud strategy. This will help you know how to best manage you cloud environment which will help you as you develop the best practices for it.

We will help you understand our key products and services

Part of creating a good cloud strategy is understanding the various key products and services available to you. We will help you understand such things as backups, security services, disaster recovery plan, and any of our other managed services so that you can be more efficient in the way you utilize our cloud services.

When it comes to developing the best cloud strategy, WHOA has you covered with help in understanding the different technologies, products and services involved with managing your cloud. If you have any questions about cloud strategy or if you would like to know about any of the other services we offer, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

So you’ve decided that a cloud-based solution is the best answer to protect your organization’s data. You now must face the critical decision between hosting your data on a secure public cloud or utilizing your own private cloud. What is the difference between these two options?

In a nutshell: a public cloud hosts storage for different companies at the same time and on the same server (or network) usually using self-contained virtual data centers, whereas a private cloud consists of dedicated servers that contain data for a single organization. With these definitions in mind, we will now take a look at some important considerations when deciding on a solution:

Convenience vs Customization

When you host your software on a public cloud you are not responsible for managing or maintaining the hardware where it resides. This responsibility falls to the provider which reduces the amount of time your organization spends in testing and deployment. The price for this convenience is a limit on the amount of customizing you can do to your host environment.

Specific Compliance & Security

If your organization has a specific compliance requirement (such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, etc), a private cloud is likely a necessity. Using a private cloud allows you to ensure the highest possible levels of security due to the fact that your cloud resides behind your own firewall instead of the provider’s firewall.

When it comes to deciding between public or private cloud hosting there is no answer that is always correct; it really does depend on your organization’s needs. If your organization has specific compliance requirements or prefers to have more control over customization you will likely want to consider a private cloud solution first, otherwise you might have everything you need in a secure public cloud solution. If you are unsure which solution would fit your organization best, the cloud experts at are here to help. For more information please contact us.

While there might be some lengthy debates on public cloud hosting vs. private cloud hosting, there’s definitely instances where the case is pretty cut and dry. If you run or manage a business private cloud hosting is absolutely mandatory for a myriad of reasons, and if you’re thinking of going with public hosting you’ll unknowingly sabotage your chances of success. Here are a few reasons why it’s absolutely vital that your business goes private instead of public.

Enhanced Security

The information age has brought a lot of new ideas and innovations with it, but unfortunately, crime has kept up every step of the way. It’s not uncommon to read an article about a celebrity having their privacy compromised and exposed to the masses or about people who’s identities were stolen, being left penniless over the course of 24 hours. Don’t end up another cyber crime victim!

Public cloud hosting might be a short-term way of saving money, but the trade-off is that it’s well…public. It means you’re potentially sharing a server with hundreds of thousands of other people. When there’s nothing but flimsy, virtual drywall separating you from your neighbors, there’s not a lot stopping someone from breaking in and making off with valuable company files, records, and data. Save yourself a fortune later, by going private now.

Faster Speeds

If you’re given a choice between taking your Lamborghini to work or taking the bus which would you choose? You can take the faster, and more efficient Lambo or you can save a few bucks on gas and opt to take the slower, crowded bus. I don’t know about you, but I’d take the Lambo for one simple reason: Time is money.

It’s the same principle when applied public hosting vs. private. With private you’re guaranteed your own space, with faster speeds as opposed to its public access counterpart that’s forever stuck at a static speed with an ever-increasing amount of users.

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