Will Your Application Hosting Withstand the Holiday Rush?

Will Your Application Hosting Withstand the Holiday Rush?

The holiday season isn’t far off, and although consumers are looking forward to it, businesses are working hard to get ready. They’re stocking their inventories with what they hope are the right quantities of the right products. In addition, businesses will give their e-commerce websites a holiday theme and display the products that consumers will want to buy. If this describes your situation, you should also make sure your servers and application hosting are up to the task of handling the holiday rush.

Perhaps you have an elaborate e-commerce website that requires considerable bandwidth to load. Do your servers have the capacity to handle the peak holiday traffic? If not, your site will load too slowly for your impatient customers, who will move on rather than wait. In addition, your e-commerce applications that handle the transactions, as well as your ERP software that manages your inventory, does your book-keeping, and helps your warehouse staff fulfill the onslaught of orders will also take their bandwidth toll on your servers.

If holiday shopping constitutes a substantial part of your yearly profits, everything must work perfectly. You can’t afford to lose your online presence because of bandwidth problems. If you’re using application hosting, the holiday season isn’t the time to find out about their unreliable up-time or their unresponsive customer service. The true test of a hosting service’s customer service is how well they handle peak periods of customer usage such as the holiday season. Will they quickly respond to your inquiries? Or will they never get around to handling your difficulties because they’re swamped?

Of course, the customer service departments of the very best application hosting providers will have an easy time of it because their servers will handle the holiday bandwidth demand with ease, and few customers will call in. If this is the type of application hosting you want to use this holiday season, contact us at WHOA.com.

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