Why You Should Use Application Hosting

Why You Should Use Application Hosting

When it comes to apps, there are two big choices: the native app meant for use on a particular device, and the web app that resides on a server and is accessible by any device with Internet access. While the native app has its benefits, the fact that copies of itself exist in each device using it introduces a number of problems. One of these is it uses up space on the device. This makes people reluctant about using up their devices’ memory by installing too many apps. The more apps they already have, the less inclined they are to installing another one. So, why should you use application hosting?

On the other hand, a web app doesn’t have this problem because only one exists on its server and no app download is required. This also means that the web app user needn’t be concerned about app updates. As long as it accommodates the screen sizes of different mobile devices, the web app is also device independent. This allows a much larger customer base for the business using a web app as SaaS.

One of the greatest strengths of the web app, is its access to a central data base that can be shared by all who use the app. This makes it immensely useful in the business environment where collaboration and real-time access to important business data, such as inventory, are essential.

In-House Server or Application Hosting?

If you’re sold on using a web app, an important decision to make is where it will reside. Should you place it on your own server or use application hosting? Unless you want to get into the data center business, application hosting is the best choice. It allows you to focus on your web applications and their business uses, rather than hardware upkeep.

Using Whoa’s application hosting means you can rest assured that you and your web app customers will always have access to your apps. This is important when your business profits depend on it. For answers to any questions you might have on application hosting, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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